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Bruinwood in Amsterdam –

Trustworthy and sustainable construction company

Construction and Renovation company BRUINWOOD is known as a sustainable allround construction company. We are specialized in renovation and restoration of apartments, houses and office buildings.

Why BRUINWOOD? Because of our unique quality many clients choose our services.

Our unique qualities include:

We are environmentally friendly:

Many people choose for an environmentally responsible home and office space because it is more comfortable and economical in the long run. Green living is more energy efficient and less damaging to the environment compaired to traditional building techniques.

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Interested in our completed projects? Kijk gerust naar onze portfolio.[/vc_column_text][calltoaction bg_color=”#95c3da” border_color=”#4887bf” button=”yes” buttonlabel=”Read our mission statement” link=”” buttoncolor=”blue” buttonsize=”medium” buttonstyle=”gradient rounded” button_position=”left” target_blank=”no” text_position=”center” text_color=”#ffffff”]Read our mission statement[/calltoaction][vc_separator color=”white”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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